Get Stoked App
UX/UI | App design

Full design and UX direction for a new travel app.
Astoria was contracted by travel startup Adventure In You to assist with the launch of a travel app called Get Stoked. The app is aimed at backpackers and those travelling with limited budgets, so that they can use the service to access great deals. The app helped small businesses to attract more customers and allowed Adventure In You to earn commission.
App Design & UX Direction
Astoria designed the app from scratch, working closely with the developer and Adventure in You’s marketing team to ensure all of the many (often crucial) UX requirements were met.
Prototype Testing
As soon as the first design was created by Astoria, Adventure In You gave the prototype app a test-drive in the market to gain as much feedback as possible from travellers. The responses gathered helped the team to further develop the app, and then it was officially launched, to great success.

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