Get Stoked Branding
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Full branding for a travel booking app aimed at backpackers.
Astoria has been heavily involved with the Get Stoked travel app – a popular booking service for young backpackers – since its inception, and was contracted to design the entire app.

As well as the app design, Astoria focussed on the Get Stoked brand to use in advertising and on promotional items in chosen countries popular with backpackers. For example, a series of cool posters to display inside hostels across Asia were created, as well as stickers to be handed out to potential customers, and T-shirts to be worn by staff members when the app was being shown off.

Logo and colour
Astoria applied a strong yellow in the designs, and the well-recognised ‘stoked’ hand signal ensured that the product stood out as being quirky and fun, and was immediately appealing to its demographic: a young, on-the-go generation.

Full UX/UI design of the Get Stoked app. See more here.

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