Twisted Atlas
Branding | Website Design

Branding for a travel website focusing on photography in more unknown parts of the world.
Twisted Atlas is a photography travel website focussing on random locations – some more well-known than others, but with the aim of featuring many unknown places. It was aimed at travellers who wanted to see and hear a bit more about parts of the world they knew barely anything or nothing about.

I understood from the get-go that Twisted Atlas wanted to convey its distinctive style and niche approach to travel inspiration, and not be placed in the same basket as regular travel bloggers, where professional and unusual photography isn’t a highlight.
I created a strong typography-based logo and assisted Twisted Atlas in remaining true to its avant-garde approach. The extremely clean style allowed the high quality photography to stand out, and once the website was visited by users, they immediately grasped the direction and underlying factors that differentiate Twisted Atlas from other travel blogs.

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